Make the most of your bilingual material: Upcoming webinar on CAT alignment software!

Webinar: From Scattered Documents to Valuable Translation Material: The Advantage of CAT Alignment Tools

May 20th, 2016, via GoToWebinar



Webinar CAT alignment tools MATI.gif


My dear colleague Fernanda recently started working on a series of translations and she needed help fine-tuning her project settings. Among other things, she told me she had been working with this customer for a while and, together with her co-worker Kathleen, had translated quite a bit of material using Microsoft Word. The result was two considerably sized piles of files (one with source language files, the other with target language files).


In order to leverage all this material while working with Trados Studio, would it be possible to create a Translation Memory with these files? The answer is a definite yes.


After processing 45,000 words’ worth of material with CAT Alignment software, the result was a brand new TM with some 3,700 translation segments.


This process of turning loose files into Translation Memory files offers some of the following advantages:


  • Practical use of legacy translations
  • Standardization of translations in general
  • Optimization of costs for project managers
  • Saves in working time and physical strain


Would you like to leverage the benefits of using this type of CAT tool? Then you should join our upcoming webinar on May 20th, “From Scattered Documents to Valuable Translation Material: The Advantage of CAT Alignment Tools”. It is included in a series of webinars organized by the Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters (MATI), a branch of the American Translators Association (ATA).


More about the event and subscription information:


For further enquiries, our email address is We also have a Facebook page:


Don’t hesitate to invest in your resume!


See you online soon!





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